How much does it cost to replace a laptop screen


LCD (liquid crystal display) is known as a flat panel display screen that includes the properties of liquid crystals that helps to stop emit light directly, Somehow it is also used to display arbitrary images. Due to its low electrical power consumption its battery-powered electronic equipment works more efficiently as compared to CRTs.

The main features of LCDs are:

  • Consists of Twisted nematic liquid crystal.
  • Glass substrate with common electrode film (ITO)
  • Polarizing filter film that helps to pass the light due to its horizontal axis.
  • Reflective twisted nematic liquid crystal display.

Cost to repair laptop screen:

Cost to repair laptop screen

Most probably the laptop screen can be fixed in between the price of $50 to $250, not more than that any repairing centre or shop will charge for it. Yesterday I dropped my laptop, and its display screen has broken. When I took it to the servicing centre, they cost $80 to replace it in one hour of time. This might vary depending upon the make and model of your laptop that how much it costs to repair?. If your laptop is a cheap gaming laptop under $1000, then it might be charged the low price of fixing.

If your laptop screen has broken internally, then the repairing centre will cost about £118  as the parts of LCD are quite expensive.

Sources to repair laptop:

There are many computer manufacturers available to fix your laptop and desktops. I am going to share some sources from where you can quickly set your laptop display screen.

  • Manufacturers support centers
  • Online stores
  • Markets to purchase used machinery
  • Repairing shops

Cost in different countries to fix laptop screen:

  • In UK they charged £20
  • In the United States, they cost $34.99
  • In Asian countries they cost Rs 2,550

Different companies screen prices:

Dell display screen costs about $60

Apple Mac book Pro screen costs about $49

Samsung chrome book display costs about $36.75

HP Pavilion G6 screen costs about $38.69

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