How to Choose the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom

How to Choose the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom

How to Choose the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom?

Are you looking forward to the perfect toilet for your bathroom but not able to decide that what is the right way to select the appropriate toilet? Toilet reviews may be helpful for you in choosing the right product and the major features that are important to consider while selecting the product include its size, height, and the function. Here is the easy solution and you just need to follow the guideline that is helpful to select the right product.

The perfect fit

There are numerous toilets are available in the market but the rough-in distance plays an important role to provide a perfect fit that measure the distance from the end wall in the mid of the sewer drain for the commode that will reduce the distance. The standard size of rough-in is considered 12 inches and you can get a huge range of toilets in this size. If this size is not appropriate for your bathroom then you can go for other sizes that include 10 or 14 inches. But there is very limited collection is available as compared to 12 inches commode that consists of a wide variety. Many people prefer elongated toilet bowls as they find them more comfortable but in the case of a bathroom with little space, it is better to choose a round bowl that takes a very limited space. The size of the elongated toilet is about 31 inches that is larger than the round fixtures which are 28 inches in size.


Another important factor is the comfort and it mostly depends on the height of the toilet. There are many companies that offer the products which are few inches higher than the standard fixtures and this size is more comfortable as compared to the other sizes. People who are good in height find this size more comfortable as compared to the people with short stature.

What style?

There are various toilet designs are available. A two-piece toilet contained a tank bolt on the bowl and it is available at a very reasonable rate. Another category includes a one-piece toilet in which tank and bowl are integrated and it is little expensive as compared to the two-piece toilet. The advantage of the one-piece toilet is that you can clean it without any hurdle. It is more expensive to fix the toilet with higher-end. Moreover, it will also be problematic if in future any maintenance is required.

Flushing technology

After selecting the fixture with the right shape and size, it is necessary to check the flushes efficiently. No matter how amazing the toilet is but if its flushing technology is not working then it is useless. These days some manufacturers introduced toilets with the low flow but with higher gravity which is more effective. Such types of products are very beneficial to prevent the wastage of water as compared to the high-flow toilets that required enough water. Dual flush technology is also introduced by many companies and these are split plunger-style type.

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