How to Choose the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom

How to Choose the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom

How to Choose the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom?

Are you looking forward to the perfect toilet for your bathroom but not able to decide that what is the right way to select the appropriate toilet? Toilet reviews may be helpful for you in choosing the right product and the major features that are important to consider while selecting the product include its size, height, and the function. Here is the easy solution and you just need to follow the guideline that is helpful to select the right product.

The perfect fit

There are numerous toilets are available in the market but the rough-in distance plays an important role to provide a perfect fit that measure the distance from the end wall in the mid of the sewer drain for the commode that will reduce the distance. The standard size of rough-in is considered 12 inches and you can get a huge range of toilets in this size. If this size is not appropriate for your bathroom then you can go for other sizes that include 10 or 14 inches. But there is very limited collection is available as compared to 12 inches commode that consists of a wide variety. Many people prefer elongated toilet bowls as they find them more comfortable but in the case of a bathroom with little space, it is better to choose a round bowl that takes a very limited space. The size of the elongated toilet is about 31 inches that is larger than the round fixtures which are 28 inches in size.


Another important factor is the comfort and it mostly depends on the height of the toilet. There are many companies that offer the products which are few inches higher than the standard fixtures and this size is more comfortable as compared to the other sizes. People who are good in height find this size more comfortable as compared to the people with short stature.

What style?

There are various toilet designs are available. A two-piece toilet contained a tank bolt on the bowl and it is available at a very reasonable rate. Another category includes a one-piece toilet in which tank and bowl are integrated and it is little expensive as compared to the two-piece toilet. The advantage of the one-piece toilet is that you can clean it without any hurdle. It is more expensive to fix the toilet with higher-end. Moreover, it will also be problematic if in future any maintenance is required.

Flushing technology

After selecting the fixture with the right shape and size, it is necessary to check the flushes efficiently. No matter how amazing the toilet is but if its flushing technology is not working then it is useless. These days some manufacturers introduced toilets with the low flow but with higher gravity which is more effective. Such types of products are very beneficial to prevent the wastage of water as compared to the high-flow toilets that required enough water. Dual flush technology is also introduced by many companies and these are split plunger-style type.

Choosing Right Toilet Video

Top Rated 0 Gravity Full Body Massage Chairs Reviews in 2016-17


I must say that one of the most stimulating things is to have a massage that softens your stiff shoulders and legs after a hectic day. I know it is difficult going out for a massage because of the stress and that we don’t have enough time to drive again to the therapy center. The best solution to this problem is to get a zero gravity massage chair that can easily alleviate the stress. You can save time without the need of visiting a massage therapist and paying him hundreds of dollars every day. Sounds something tempting? Of course it is, and should be because NASA discovered Zero Gravity Massage Chair.

This chair appears to be similar to any other massage chair but works on a different technology. It puts your body in a comfortable position and instantly displaces muscle tension and stress in your body. Moreover, it is designed to not only focus on a particular area of the body, instead targets the whole body with its kneading, rolling and Shiatsu functions. Most of the people who are suffering from severe back pain are desirous of getting a full body massage, and the best massage chair is an ideal solution for such people.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage Chair

1. It instantly eliminates the pressure on your spine and the vertebrae. The natural gravity pressure force spread throughout your body and alleviates the pain.

2. You’ll get more relaxation in your neck and back than ever. Your body is so positioned that whenever you sit on this chair, it instantly relieves the neck and back. These two parts are the core areas that demand the most relieve.

3. With a natural gravity effect, and when the body enters in the extreme recline it improves your lung functions and health. As a result, there will be an increase of oxygen level in your body.

4. It helps in better blood circulation and gives more relaxation than ever.

If you are interested in getting your hands on a zero gravity massage chair, then make sure that it’s one of your best choices. So, let us help you out with these three awesome recommendations.

1) Osaki Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Top Rated 0 Gravity Full Body Massage Chairs Reviews in 2016-17 1

The Osaki Zero Gravity Massage Chair comes in 5 different colors to choose from. It has an imported cool synthetic leather material. You’ll get a three-year warranty for any defects. The advanced remote control system is user-friendly, and you can program the chair for different functions.

There are 32 airbags, a powerful motor system, and smart four roller system that gives an optimum massaging experience. The neck and shoulder massage gives an instant relief throughout the body, and the heating technology soothes the body. There are multiple massage modes to choose from.

2) Forever Rest Premium Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Forever Rest Premium Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Forever Rest Premium Zero Gravity Massage Chair gives one of the best Shiatsu massage ever. It has all such features that a normal therapist would deliver while massaging. There are six different massaging functions, and each of them touts to be effective against a particular pain.

It is equipped with the HADE Heat massage system that gives an infrared heat soothing your body effectively. There are food and calve rests as well. Check more details at Amazon.

3) Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair
Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair offers a heavy duty vibration motor with air pressure massage that instantly relieves our neck and back pain. The thigh area is double padded and automatically alleviates all of the muscle pain.

Its shiatsu kneading and rolling system reduces stress and fatigue that makes your body and mind peaceful. There are vibrators on the foot, calves, seat cushion and the recliner. Check more details at Amazon.

10 Best Windows 10 HD Themes


A blank screen on the desktop is quite boring. Changing it with anything like landscape, pictures, art, paintings or any of your favorite movie star could really spice it up. People use different wallpapers as per their moods and if you have recently updated your OS to Windows 10, then you must be considering applying some cool windows 10 themes hd wallpapers.

The new Windows 10 has better and more glamorous wallpapers that look stunning. Not only the built-in themes, but also the third party themes are outstanding and a great art craft.

So here are 10 themes we have rounded up for you that are beautiful, good quality and HD. Check them and out and pick the best out of the best.

1: Windows 10 Default Hero Wallpaper


This isn’t a Photoshop image but a real one from elements like fog, lasers and LEDs that give it a great effect.

2: Art Painting Thames Windows 10 Wallpaper


Another stunning wallpaper with high definition and a great display of art painting. This will spice up your desktop.

3: Fresh Windows 10 Wallpaper Full Background


A perfect and a high definition wallpaper.

4: Mountain Windows 10 Wallpaper


A black and white wallpaper with close up of mountains.

5: 01 Windows 10 Wallpaper


A simple yet a professional wallpaper that can set your mood.

6: Cave Windows 10 Wallpaper


This is a fresh background image with a bright and clean outlay.

7: Flow Windows 10 Wallpaper


This one is created by zhalovejun and has some outstanding graphics with a black base that looks cool.

8: Futuristic Windows 10 Wallpaper


The futuristic windows 10 wallpaper and a popular one as well.

9: Boat Windows 10 Wallpaper


One of the most breathtaking windows 10 wallpaper with a stunning view of nature.

10: Minimalistic Windows 10 Wallpaper


A simple and long shadowed wallpaper, not to mention a brilliant one.

How to Password Protect a File in Windows 10

Password Protected File in AxCrypt

If you are conscious for the privacy of your data, you need to protect them in a folder that should be password protected and also it should be free from this antimalware service executable high cpu usage problem. If the file is an Excel sheet or a Word document, you can set a password on it. But for a large data consist of a large number of files, sheets, documents and image files, you need to create a folder to save them all. Here is how you can password protect a folder while using Windows 10. The guide here shows an easy way to do so.

Password Protect an MS-Office File

If you want to protect a word document then you should be adware free first from this dns unlocker adware furthermore you can check this guide on how to remove dns unlocker and it is not necessary for you to create a password-protected folder to put your files in it.

  • You just need to open a word document. Put your data into it and press “Ctrl+S” to save it.
  • When you see the window save its name and type, there will be an option to “password protect” this file.
  • Just click that box, it will show you a window with “Enter Password to Open” option. You should enter the password you want to set. Below in the box “Confirm Password” you need to re-enter the same password and click “OK” to save it.

That’s all. Your file is now password-protected, and it can be accessed only if you enter the password.

Password Protect Other Files

If you want to protect your data in images, videos, songs and other formats, you need to create a hidden folder for this purpose. You can use AxCrypt ( in this context.

  • Download it from the site and install in your system.
  • For the people using it the very first time, it will ask their email ID that should be provided in the given box to receive their six-digit code.

AxCrypt ID Email Required

  • Now provide the code and set a password to protect your files. Re-enter the password to confirm it.Set Password
  • Remember guys! You do not require an internet connection to operate it. Net connection is just required to confirm email address and to access code from your email ID.

Password Protected File in AxCrypt


  • So, start dragging the files you want to save here. You can save as many files as you want in it. The “Plus” sign appears at the top left side of its Window, just click this sign to start adding files to it.
  • If you want to remove any file from this the protection box, you just need to right-click the file and select “Stop protecting the file and remove from here” option. It will be removed, and no more will be here.
  • If you want to hide the file from the list and still want to protect it, you need to right-click the file and select the option “Remove from the list, but protect the File” and it will disappear from the list, but you will still find it protected.

How much does it cost to replace a laptop screen


LCD (liquid crystal display) is known as a flat panel display screen that includes the properties of liquid crystals that helps to stop emit light directly, Somehow it is also used to display arbitrary images. Due to its low electrical power consumption its battery-powered electronic equipment works more efficiently as compared to CRTs.

The main features of LCDs are:

  • Consists of Twisted nematic liquid crystal.
  • Glass substrate with common electrode film (ITO)
  • Polarizing filter film that helps to pass the light due to its horizontal axis.
  • Reflective twisted nematic liquid crystal display.

Cost to repair laptop screen:

Cost to repair laptop screen

Most probably the laptop screen can be fixed in between the price of $50 to $250, not more than that any repairing centre or shop will charge for it. Yesterday I dropped my laptop, and its display screen has broken. When I took it to the servicing centre, they cost $80 to replace it in one hour of time. This might vary depending upon the make and model of your laptop that how much it costs to repair?. If your laptop is a cheap gaming laptop under $1000, then it might be charged the low price of fixing.

If your laptop screen has broken internally, then the repairing centre will cost about £118  as the parts of LCD are quite expensive.

Sources to repair laptop:

There are many computer manufacturers available to fix your laptop and desktops. I am going to share some sources from where you can quickly set your laptop display screen.

  • Manufacturers support centers
  • Online stores
  • Markets to purchase used machinery
  • Repairing shops

Cost in different countries to fix laptop screen:

  • In UK they charged £20
  • In the United States, they cost $34.99
  • In Asian countries they cost Rs 2,550

Different companies screen prices:

Dell display screen costs about $60

Apple Mac book Pro screen costs about $49

Samsung chrome book display costs about $36.75

HP Pavilion G6 screen costs about $38.69

Hank Moody & Dealing with Uncertainty


Hank Moody used to be my hero. Hank, played by David Duchovny, is the central character in the TV show Cali-fornication. Hank was once a great writer who in the earlier seasons can’t write because his life is a mess. Karen, the mother of his adolescent daughter and the love of his life, left him and is about to get married to Bill, a stable but unspectacular man.

At the end of the pilot episode, Hank sits down in front of his computer to write but can only output the word FUCK. His life is not in a proper place. However despite having his life in the shitter, Hank is always the alpha male in every social situation. His confidence is unshakable, giving him the ability to deliver witty comebacks and snaps. Women want to fuck him and men can’t fuck with him. When I was first introduced to the show, my friend made a comment that there’s no way a person with that much emotional stress could remain that present and confident. I agreed, this was a TV show, and the lines were written.

Now, however, I’m finding myself in a similar predicament.I finished grad school last December and had had no income for the past three and half months. I haven’t been looking for a job but had a couple of prospective leads seemed optimistic. However when they failed to materialize into a steady position at the end of March, I began to panic. Social Confident had been receiving positive feedback but didn’t have the explosive growth that every entrepreneur dreams of post-launch.I was at a crossroads. But it’s never easy to get rid of social anxiety these days.

Do I keep working on Social Confident, pursuing something I love and believe in or do I start looking for a job? Over the course of a week or so, I decided to commit to Social Confident, sink or swim. I sat down and created a vision for what I want my lifestyle to be, how much money I need to make, and the services and products I’m going to provide to generate that income. That vision was both inspiring and scary. I was inspired by how incredible that lifestyle would be but scared because I had no idea how to get there. Then came the doubts.Uncertainty causes anxiety and stress; I was feeling both. I got sick, my energy was low, and I hid at home. Mr. Social Confident, as one of my friends called me, wasn’t feeling so social nor confident. I wasn’t having fun.I tucked away my love for life behind the necessity of security. I rationalized that I needed to sort out my financial situation before I can enjoy life.

I started working all the time. I stopped doing the things I loved. I ceased to going out. I was living small. I was dying.I would like to finish this story but it will have to wait until tomorrow. I have plans tonight. I’m going out, and I’m going to go have fun.

Packing Materials of London Make Your Things Free From Any Damage!

You are staying in Battersea and you have landed a dream job with your excellence in skills and knowledge. Isn’t a matter of happiness and celebrating?  Instead of celebrating you are worried from the situation to shift from one location to another. It is with your family that you should enjoy this special moment You know better, how difficult to crack the interview in a highly reputed company.

How they work: It is not at all necessary for you to be stressed out from any relocation issue. This problem can be solved without any hitch and you will be free from all the hassle and tensions. Special transport vehicles from the Movers in london in such a way that they provide complete safety against any damage for your belongings. Their experts use special packing materials on order to provide you with safe and sound packing. These materials are especially designed with the purpose to protect goods from any scratches and losses. Since you are aware of the fact that things vary from large size to medium and the small size items such as beds, cabinets, couch, tables, chairs etc. Different kinds of packing are done properly for such materials. For instance, the things which can break easily such as mirror, flower pots etc. are packed with proper attention. During relocation their electrician is useful for your new home in terms of any settings for any switches of lights, fans etc. and decorator in order to decorate your house with colourful paints of your choice.

Extra facilities: It will be possible for you to get other amazing facilities such as safe care storage, safe care courier and safe care tradesman etc. These services are helpful when you are in a fix as to how to store your valuable ornaments like expensive necklace, diamond rings etc. to keep protect from any mischief happening at home such as robbery.

Finding the movers with a good reputation is hard. You should listen to people bespeak about its efficiency in delivering the Moving Services London. The service providers provide their valuable services to please you. Their main aim is to meet the requirements of the customers. They will provide you with online services 24 hours. You will get these services at reasonable prices with special discount offers.

Mobile marketing services: Simplest and easiest way of promotion

services-mobile-marketing-380x380Mobile marketing is a new trend in commercial marketing. It is beneficial for tech-savvy consumers who spend their most of the time in mobile phones. These mobile marketing companies understand the power of small gadgets and they target youth and other techno lovers. These mobile marketing companies provide ideal platform between buyer and seller. Mobile marketing companies providing effective marketing tool by missed calls and SMS services. By these medium they effortlessly convey their message to a wide range of consumers. But both of these services can be effective or useful for buyers when they attract and inspire objective consumers. To get success in these mobiles marketing companies you need to utilize the best channel to get set of particular client list. You can add several channels to attempt your particular set of clients but your motto should be to convey the actual message or product to objective crowd.

Mobile marketing services are the best options for new and small entrepreneurs to promote their brand or product. It is not possible for small scale enterprises to invest lodes of money to advertise in TV or newspapers. In this situation they can use their mobile phones as their publicity tool. It is the simplest and shortest way to generate a communication between users and sellers.

Working principal of mobiles marketing :-

Mobile marketing companies provide their clients a unique code which can be a ten digit number of any service number with text. In service numbers with text you can send SMS to your targeted audiences about your product and services. Along with SMS you can add a link of your website which can redirect users to you shopping portal. Usually these SMSs are very short and simple.

If you want to know about popularity of your product you can take a ten digit mobile number. Mobile marketing companies will give you a zipped number that can be used in your promotional events. Such as if you want to promote herbal products but you don’t know how many people will use herbal products..?? In this way you can send text messages along with 10 digit zipped number and ask your clients if they are interested or use herbal products then give a missed call on that particular number. From the numbers of missed call you will get to know that herbal products are in demand or not and along with this you will get contact numbers of particular set of consumers who are interested in natural and herbal products. Later you can send SMS on those numbers to tell them about any new product launch or promotional offers.

Even many political campaigns and social workers are using this missed call facility to promote their revolution and agendas. By using this effective and powerful tool anyone can convey his/her message to audience. Once you number or SMS get viral in market you will get good responses. Cost effectiveness and simple procedures make this a most useful, popular and rapidly accepted marketing technique. You need not to put much your efforts.



How to Track Android Device without Installing App?

  1. The lost device should be connected to the Google Account.
  2. Device must be accessed with the internet.
  3. The location on the device should be turned on, and Android Device Manager (ADM) should be enabled.
  4. Enabled ADM to erase the data and lock your device.

Track Android Device without Installing?

Tracking Application?

It is quite possible that your mobile device might be lost, unfortunately, but now you are able to get your Android Device back without any tracking application.

How to Track Android Phone/Tabs without Tracing App?

For tracking the device these things are the requirement:

Android Device Manager ADM is an official Google’s tool to track the lost device. The advantage of ADM is that you don’t need to install additionally an app for mobile tracking because if the device is robbed, there are chances that the robber might uninstall tracking app to make his safety sure. The only requirement for ADM is enabled mobile data or access to the internet. You need to visit ADM only while you signed in your Google Account. If it is loaded once, the mobile will automatically track the device.

Remote Control and track your Smart Phone with Android Lost Device:

For this it requires:

  1. The Android device must be connected to your Google Account
  2. Device must be accessed with mobile data or the internet
  3. Android 3.0 or high shouldn’t be running

It is a complicated way of tracking the Android device. Android lost is needed to be installed on the device and by text message, it can be activated.

Step 1: Install Android by Lost Remotely:

The user should install Android Lost App remotely through Google Play Store in the browser and remotely on your phone. The Google account must be connected to the device.

Step 2: Activate Android Lost (Android 3.0 will not working)

If a user is still own the tab or device, you need to start that app. For remotely registering the device send Android lost register SMS to your device. This SMS will be sent from any device. Android Lost will itself triggered by the Google account credentials.

Android lost for getting back your device

It is very powerful for lost the device if android lost installed remotely. The only negative thing, unfortunately, is a new notification of new app could inform potential thief about what is happening. It can be only possible with an older version of Android i.e. 3.0.

Plan B for Android Lost alternative

One’s device should be;

  1. Connected to Google Account
  2. The device should be connected to the internet

If the device is still running Android (2.0 to 2.3) and Android lost is not working, Plan B might help. Directly install the app from Google Play Store to your Android device and it will successfully send the current location to your Gmail account after every 10 minutes. Sims with Locate can be sent from any other phone to get the location of your device through the mail. The disadvantage of Plan B is that it cannot work with most of the devices.

How to Reset Android Password without Losing Data?

Sometimes it happens that you forget the password or pattern to your account or phone especially when you change it due to any reason. Factory reset is an option to reset or unlock your password and phone and to recover data in case you have checked your backup option. The apps can be reinstalled via Google Play Store.

Reset Android Password without Losing Data?

There are ways to reset password to your phone without losing data out of which are:

Unlocking Android Device

If your Android Device is linked with your Google Account, you can simply reset the password through your Google Account.

Resetting Password through Google

If your device is accessed by the wrong password or pattern for many times, you will get the option of Forget my Password or Forget Pattern will appear on your lock screen but it depends on your security setting of the device. Then you can restore access to your Android Tab or Phones. Here are some ways to get the option of forgetting your password/pattern:

  1. Keep on trying wrong patterns/password until you will get forgot my password/pattern option.
  2. Tapping on the option Forgot my password will lead you to the Account Unlock page.
  3. Enter your Google Account details to your device for recovery access.

Sometimes it may happen that your Android device will not accept the correct details of your account in this case you can use Google step 2 i.e. Verification for restore accessing your Android device (phone or tab)

Verification 2-step for Android Device

It protects your device additionally to Google Account. If 2-step Verification is allowed, then a code is required which is received by voice call or by text message whenever your account is accessed additional to password and username.

Allow 2-step Verification for your Google Account

After allowing it to have to reverse access permission to Android phone through Google Account and reauthorize it. If it is enabled, it would be easy to access your device.

Revoke Permission to Android Device

  1. Go to Account Permission on web browser under Google Account.
  2. Select your device you want to reset
  3. Click Revoke Access Button on the right side and click Ok for confirmation.

Generating Password

  1. Go to App Password page. Google Account may be required.
  2. Select Relevant option or Other at the bottom
  3. Click Generate Password. A password with 16 digits will appear on screen
  4. On your Android Device, tap Forgot Password/ Pattern
  5. In Account Unlock page, enter 16 digit passwords with Google Account.

Resetting Password when Google Account is not accessed

If you forgot your Google Account password too, through Account Recovery, you could reset your Google Account password. Through answering the question related to your account may also verify identity like recent emails, contacts, other information, last password, etc. If your Google Account is accessed by the web browser, then you are easily able to reset your Android Device (phones/tabs) through the same procedure that is written above.